As of Sept 15:

Wild Blue R/C is still focused on finalizing and launching the first 2 jet kit projects. The "Screaming Eagle" F-15 and the Mig 29 Fulcrum. We will still be selling pilots and such through this web site just not going to advertise outside of here. I also need some time to recover from some health issues as well. 

Our Mission:

Besides typical employees, I have a heart and calling to help & hire and train Disabled Veterans, those with special needs and also Ex-Offenders. With such difficult circumstances when it comes to getting hired, we  wish to provide them  with sustainable work and training to meet their needs and add to their skill sets.. These are qualified positions and hopeful an environment suitable for growth, and for developing a God centered purpose. We are setting up a 501C3 program (Build-Up Services) to help us generate  extra funds needed to sustain and fulfill this aspect of what we do and to develop a program that may  involve other companies to join in do the same.